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The Supreme Court’s Judgment on Adverse Possession….

Report by- Riddhima Bhadauria The supreme court holds that a person in possession cannot be dispossessed by another, except by ...
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Supreme Court Restores the Punishment of Cashiering Imposed on Army Officer

                                                      Report by- Riddhima Bhadauria The Supreme court, on Wednesday 30-07-2020 restored the sentence of cashiering from service imposed on an ...
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The first women who moved to SC over Triple Talaq law

-By Supriya Rani A Kerala lawyer has moved the Supreme Court against a law that criminalises the practice of granting ...
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Sovereign funds to get a tax break for investing wider Infra Sector

-By Supriya Rani The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has notified changes in the Income Tax Act that expands ...
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