Oxford Business Review is excited to launch our first ever writing competition, thanks to our partner Commercial Law Academy!

About the competition:

All shortlisted entries will receive over £50 worth of Commercial Law Academy prizes (both law and wider business/internship related) AND article feedback from published author and founder of Commercial Law Academy and City Career Series, Jake Schogger.

The Winner of the Commercial Law Academy Award will receive over £110 worth of Commercial Law Academy prizes and article feedback from Jake Schogger, and a boost for their CV! The winning article will also be featured in the next edition of the OBR magazine!

How to enter:

Please write an article that OBR readers will understand, learn from and enjoy, 400-800 words, about the relationship between law and business.

Some article ideas:

  • What recent change in legislation do you think will have the greatest impact on business?
  • The impact of scientific developments (AI, Biotech, etc.) on the business and legal landscape
  • Is legislation the solution to economic issues with the environment?
  • How does the law help people to start their own business?

These are just suggestions, feel free to write about anything and everything in this huge topic. We encourage submissions from all subject backgrounds at any academic level of business knowledge as the article will be judged not only on its content but its readability.

Please email your article to rebecca.whant@oxfordbusinessreview.org and jasper.evans@Oxfordbusinessreview.org by 28th April at 12:00 PM GMT.

Official Notification:

Visit us for more such opportunities: https://lexpeeps.in/

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