Internship Opportunity – Community Manager at Lexpeeps Pvt Ltd.

About Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd.

Lexpeeps Pvt. ltd. is an organization that works to assist and help law schools in organizing and managing their events. We’re seeking to provide young and dynamic law students with a platform to experience the legal world in their academic capacities. We organize different events where budding lawyers can experience the legal world. With a self-directed educational strategy and the guidance of industry experts, Lexpeeps provide you with the recent happening in the legal world in the form of news, opportunities, where you can find what suits you the best, and articles to explore your interests, and many more. Lexpeeps also provide help in placements for Law students and guide them on their path to success.

About the Internship

Lexpeeps provides you with internships, where the legal experts and budding lawyers come in touch with each other and grow by associating with the company. This internship can help the students to boost up their CVs as well as give them the opportunity to earn and grow along with the company.


Any person that is properly active on social media and can communicate proficiently.

About Role

  • Managing Interactions on Company’s Social Media Platforms
  • Pitching and creating awareness

Positions available


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Apply now and get an amazing opportunity to learn and grow. We are here to nurture growth.

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