To familiarize the interested and willing students of Law with the provisions of Consumer Protection Laws and acquaint the interns with the need and importance of Consumer Protection and Consumer Welfare.


  • Internship is open to students from recognized Law Institutions and Universities
  • Students pursuing following courses can apply:
    • Second and third year of the Bachelor’s degree in Law ( 3 year course after graduation), or
    • Fourth and final year of the integrated five year course in Law.
    • LLM Students

Scheme of Internship

  • Internship is normally for a period of Minimum duration i.e., 20 to 30 working days. There will be a short induction programme on provision of Consumer Laws on the 1st day of Internship.
  • A centre will guide intern for their study during internship. Interns are required to present a paper/report on topic assigned preliminary within a weak after joining the internship and finally towards the end of internship (4 days prior to last date of Internship). On the completion of internship, students are required to submit a report of the work carried out and make a presentation on it. Late submission of the report or submission of the report after the internship period will be not accepted.
  • Number of slots available in a month is two but not exceeding three in any case.
  • Internship is a fulltime programme and hence interns are required observe official working hours of the Centre (9:30 a.m. – 5.30 p.m. excluding lunch hours). Any absence during working hours may result in extension of the period of internship.
  • Online Internship/Distance Internship are not allowed but may be allowed in rare circumstances like Covid-19 etc.., subject to approval and discretion of the Centre.
  • The internship may be discontinued any time if the performance of the intern is not found satisfactory or the intern is absent without authorization of the guide.
  • Intern will maintain the dignity, decorum and discipline in the CLAP Centre, failing which the internship will be liable to be terminated.
  • Certificates will be issued to the interns on successful completion of their internship and on fulfilling all the mandatory requirements to the complete satisfaction of the Centre Head.

Internship Paper/Report on Assigned Topic (Mandatorily Observed):


  • 1st phaseA schematic synopsis of the research to be undertaken by the Intern has to be submitted to the supervisor and approved by the Centre Head.
  • 2nd phaseLiterature review/Collection of Resources/ development in the research should be updated timely.
  • 3rd phaseMandatory Presentation on the research undertaken by the Intern at the end of the internship.
  • 4th phase: Final report to be submitted after incorporating the suggestions and inputs provided during presentation.

Lastminutehurryshouldbeavoided. Regularinteraction &updatetheprogressof the research should be discussed with the supervisor.

Report/Research Paper:

  • The Interns should adhere on Standard format for footnotes, citations, table of authorities and bibliography.
    • The submission must be an original work of the Intern and free from Plagiarism. Any form of plagiarism will lead to disqualification and internship certificate will not be issued for the same.
    • The outcome of the study during internship will remain as intellectual property of the Centre and interns cannot use it without prior approval of the Centre.
    • Intern shall never disclose any confidential information learned during and after the term of Internship to others without written consent from the Centre.


  • No amount will be given as honorarium during the internship.

How to Apply?

  • Interested students may apply in the prescribed form given in Annexure-A with detailed CV. Application in any other format will not be entertained.
  • Application must contain recommendation of the competent authority from the academic institution, where the candidate is pursuing her/his studies. Applications received without recommendations will not be entertained. Format for recommendation attached as Annexure-B
  • Applications shall also contain undertaking as mentioned in Annexure-C.
  • Applicants, along with application of Internship are required to submit a writeup note for about 1000 words on Consumer Protection Law or Mediation law for acceptance of Internship. It should broadly cover a brief introduction of the topic, objectives of the study, methodology to be employed and bibliography.
  • Application should be made 1 month in advance, clearly mentioning the dates for which internship is to be considered.
  • Applications in the prescribed format (completely scanned in all respects) may be sent to email id: consumerlaw@nls.ac.in with subject as Application for Internship form dd/mm/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy.

Other Modalities

  • The candidate is expected to make his/her own arrangement for accommodation during the internship period [However the candidate may approach the Chief Warden of the Halls of Residence of NLSIU for paid accommodation the allotment of hostel facility is at the discretion of Chief Warden & subject to availability].
  • Interns are required to give an undertaking prior to joining the internship programme that:
    • She/He    shall    strictly    maintain    full    confidentiality    and    secrecy    of    any information/matter relating to Centre

The outcome of the study during internship will remain as intellectual property of the Centre and interns cannot use it without prior approval of the centre.

Official Notification:


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