Lexpeeps announces internship openings for campus ambassadors. Through this program, Lexpeeps intends to provide a platform for students to expand their network and carry out some practical tasks apart from the routine academic tasks.
Lexpeeps Pvt Ltd established with the objective to expand the horizons of the legal fraternity up to all the possible extents. Lexpeeps will be organising different events debates seminars of its own and also will organise the major law school activities in leading law schools.

The campus ambassador program of Lexpeeps will give you an identity in your own college where u will be working as a representative of the designated Lexpeeps family.
On the basis of your performances, u may win surprise gifts every trimester.

Role Description –

  1. The member shall represent lexpeeps at their college.
  2. Each member may form ‘Lexpeeps Gang’ of up to 5 students to delegate the tasks provided by us.
  3. Each member shall promote lexpeeps whenever possible and give information about all small and big happenings and events.
  4. Each member shall promote fellow students and faculties to get lifetime membership of Lexpeeps.
  5. Each campus ambassador has to submit the monthly report, on the basis of these reports the award for best interns and goodies can be won every trimester.
  6. Each member shall plan or organise any law event on their campus with the help of directors at college and Lexpeeps .
  7. Campus ambassador are required to associate Lexpeeps in any of their college activity like the moot court, seminar, Debates etc.
  8. The duration of the internship is one year and can be extended on the basis of performance.

*All the rights to do changes in the terms of work and roles of interns are reserved to the Lexpeeps.in (Lexpeeps Pvt. Ltd.)

FOR QUERIES MAIL US : lexpeeps.in@gmail.com

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