Engaging one with the co-curricular activities is very necessary because they are designed and balanced with the academic curriculum whereby each and every student gets to learn beyond subjects. Since the curriculum is designed in such a way so as to give the students theoretical knowledge regarding the subjects of the law such as constitutional law, criminal law, and company law, but the study of law specifically is not only concerned about the theoretical knowledge rather more of the practical exposure which should be provided by each law school for the personality and career enhancement of the students. There are many attributes which are to be learnt such as social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress and character appeal. Holistic approach is what should be the teaching pedagogy of the institutes. The grooming of the students is primarily done by involving them with such other multi disciplinary activities’ such as engaging them with the debate clubs, media clubs. This engagement will add up to your qualities of teamwork , leadership skills, problem-solving, organizational skills, event planning, critical thinking skills, decision making, fundraising experience, time management, hard work, business skills and active listening skills. We can realize that this is one of the rich resources.

Besides the expert faculties in a good law school, students also look for the advanced learning management system whereby the responsive curriculum is designed and the innovative pedagogy is incorporated in the teaching. Since Global Immersion is what every student look forward for his/ her career building, having command over any of the foreign language enhances hard skills which are constantly on the rise and usually pay better! This will also demonstrates your word work, interests in self development and the cultural awareness. Being active members of the debating team, drama clubs add up to your time management skills or you can say to show up your specific hard or soft skills. This builds strong networking with the students, having a strong rapport with the faculties. Involving oneself with the voluntary work demonstrates motivation, self starter attitude, teamwork, work ethics and organizational skills. You can also do peer tutoring, specific way of giving your time to others, since this will show your employers that you are not only knowledgeable in any given area but also that you are willing and able to share that knowledge and help others grows, moreover this will be your specific expertise, flexibility and communication. Doing internships is also career

booster since this will improve your researching sills and getting the field knowledge. Since career building involves engagement with the extra achievements as well, so one should not forget to take a leg forward in participating with the fellowship programs, Olympiads, stipends internships, internships with the legal services authority. Being technological sound is the need of the hour, now besides learning from the books, focus should be made on e-learning and the schools in the upcoming times will be adopting this mode for teaching, since we have already seen in this pandemic times that those who are technology friendly have been able to survive well during these hard times, while those who are devoid are struggling hard to cope up. These are relatively hard traits but will value a lot once you have hold of them!

This article is written by Abhijeet Chahal Student, a BA.LL.B fifth-year student from the Geeta Institute of Law.

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