Debate Competition: BM Law College

About the College

BMLC is an institute committed to ‘excellence’, ‘perfection’, ‘inclusive growth’, ‘rule of Law’ and ‘justice’, backed by legal professionals, law academicians, advocates, and social activists. BMLC was established in the year 2018. Late Prof. M.K. Vyas, Former Dean, and HOD of Faculty of Law, Jai Narayan Vyas University, Jodhpur, was its founding director.

BMLC aims to prepare outstanding lawyers and legally trained professionals to serve their local, national and global communities with excellence, integrity, and professionalism.

Additionally, BMLC intends to focus on national unity and integrity problems and related issues of religious antagonism, problems of ethnicity, plurality, and multicultural society through the intake of students from diverse localities and regions. BMLC is affiliated with Ambedkar Law University, Jaipur, and is also approved by the Bar Council of India.

About the Debate

On the occasion of Ambedkar Jayanti, BM Law College is organizing an inter-college/university debate competition.

The topics for the same are divided into the semi-finale and final rounds.

Topics for Semi-finale Round

  • Domestic violence act: Protection to women or threat to men
  • 18 or 21: The legal marriage age

Topics for Finale

E-Vehicles: Boon or Ban

Important dates

  • Last date of registration: April 11, 2022
  • Date of Competition: April 13, 2022

Other Details

  • Reporting time: 9 AM
  • Hybrid Mode (Both online and offline)
  • Venue: BM Law College, Jodhpur

The Competition will take place in two phases: Semi-finale will be conducted pre-lunch and finale will be conducted post lunch.

Judging Panel

Advocate Ranjeet Joshi

Member of Bar Council of Rajasthan

Ex-president of Advocate’s Association, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur, Rajasthan


  • From each college, 2 candidates can participate as a team for the motion and against the motion.
  • Candidates will not be permitted any identifying uniform.
  • Paper reading is not allowed.
  • Language is no bar.
  • Each candidate would be provided 5 minutes to speak, and an alarming bell after 4 minutes would be rung.
  • Candidates should avoid disputable aspects while debating.
  • The decision of the judges would be final.
  • Each candidate would be given a participation certificate.
  • The teams from each college shall be allotted a team code; revealing of the identity of the student and college shall amount to direct disqualification of the team.

How to Register?

  • Only 4 teams are allowed to register.
  • Registration would be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Teams can participate by sending their registration- click here
  • Only one team from each college/university is allowed.
  • There is no registration fee.

Contact details

  • Mrs. Ritu Modi (Activity Incharge, BM Law College): +91-8696543184
  • Vipul Solanki (Student, BM Law College): +91-6377081992
  • e-mail:

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