Environmental law provides regulatory mechanisms to protect the environment. Currently, environmental threats, such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and emerging pollutants, exceed scientific knowledge of their complex causes, consequences, and solutions. Complex questions such as what needs protecting; what economic and technological instruments can benefit the environment and lead society to thrive; and how can people sustainably exploit the environment for resources and waste disposal are the domain of (social) sciences and technology.

This conference wants to bring together practitioners and researchers from different fields to facilitate discussion and interaction between different academic and professional fields with interests in environmental regulation. Topics may include emerging areas for regulation, failures and successes of current laws and policies, implications of environmental laws for society, ways to deal with scientific uncertainty and the role of technology.

You can view the themes we will be exploring through the EELF Conference 2021 below.

We are inviting abstract submissions around these themes, under the title of “Social and Scientific Uncertainties in Environmental Law”.

Submission of abstracts

Abstracts may relate to more than one sub-theme or highlight dependencies between the subthemes. The abstracts should be written in English, and not exceed 500 words. It should indicate the precise topic of the proposed paper and the related subtheme(s) and consist of a short description of the content of the contribution and its relationship to the topic and themes of the conference.

The abstract and a brief biography, maximum 150 words should be sent to EELF2020@bournemouth.ac.uk by May 31 2021. Please state the subtheme the work falls into in the subject line of the e-mail. Abstracts will be reviewed on a rolling basis, as received, with a final decision to be provided by June 30 2021, at the latest.

Speakers whose abstracts are accepted will then be asked to send in a 15-minute recorded presentation.

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