About National Law Institute University

The National Law Institute University (NLIU) was established by Act No. 41 of 1997 of the Madhya Pradesh Legislature to provide modern legal education through multidisciplinary teaching and imparting of up-to-date skills. The University has successfully instilled a sense of social responsibility along with scholastic and reflexive capabilities bearing in mind larger national and humanitarian goals.

About Trilegal

Trilegal explicitly aims to create “an environment in which analytical thinking and result-oriented research are encouraged and rewarded.” Abiding by extrapolating the same in their association with NLIU, it would be fair to say that caveats of broadening one’s horizon in terms of their legal education are an expectation one should not shy away from.

Trilegal was founded in 2000 and has nearly 400 lawyers across four offices in India, entailing its practice in multiple fields. The firm has time and again been awarded multiple recognitions and has a wide market presence.

Trilegal is one of India’s top-tier law firms delving into some of the biggest and most complex transactions across sectors. The firm’s working environment, deep sectoral and transactional background, and supreme quality of lawyers enable it to tap into a vast clientele extending to both, domestic and international corporations. The firm’s Corporate and M&A practices have not only allowed them to be ranked consistently as one of the best in India but have also won them multiple accolades over the years.

About Centre for Business and Commercial Law (CBCL)

CBCL was established as a “Centre for Excellence” in 2008 to generate awareness and facilitate research in the field of corporate and commercial laws in India. Since its establishment, CBCL has produced rich research output contributing to the legal discourse in the country in the field of corporate and commercial laws. The Centre, through its various initiatives, provides students with the tools to broaden their horizons and foster a robust foundation for becoming successful legal professionals.

About the 7th NLIU-Trilegal Summit on Corporate and Commercial Laws

The Centre for Business and Commercial Law (CBCL) in collaboration with Trilegal is organizing the 7th NLIU-Trilegal Summit on Corporate and Commercial Laws, 2021 virtually on 19th February 2022.

Submission Categories

  • Articles: Manuscripts for this summit under this category should be 4000-6000 words long, dealing with an issue in-depth and demonstrating a comparatively higher level of analysis. Co-authorship of papers (maximum two) among individuals from the same or different institutions is allowed.
  • Essays: Manuscripts under this category should be 2000-3000 words and either cover a recent development or be issue-specific. Co-authorship is not allowed.

Kindly note that the word limit is exclusive of footnotes. Strict adherence to the word limit is prescribed.


Submission is expected to be of high academic quality and must comply with the prescribed substance, formatting, and citation standards. Furthermore, submissions will be accepted only if:

  • The title succinctly encapsulates the topic and explains the body of work;
  • The abstract briefly describes the idea behind the submission in not more than 200 words, its structure, and the authors’ conclusion(s);
  • The issue(s) are clearly identified and adequately described; and
  • The submission is coherently presented.

A submission will not be accepted if it has been plagiarized.


  • Title: Times New Roman, Font Size 15, in, Bold, aligned Centre.
  • Abstract: Times New Roman, Font Size 11, line spacing 1.5, Margins of 2.0, Italics, aligned centre.
  • Headings: Times New Roman, Font Size 14, Bold, aligned centre.
  • Sub-Heading: Times New Roman, Font Size 13, aligned justified, numbered in Capital.
  • Body: Times New Roman, Font Size 12, 1.5 line spacing, aligned justified.
  • Footnotes: Times New Roman, Font Size 10, spacing 1, aligned justified, Citations must conform to the standards laid down in The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th 2015).
  • Margins: Please ensure a 1 inch/2.54 cm distance on all four margins.


Authors must be pursuing their LL.B. (Hons.) / LL.B. / LL.M. from any recognized university for the academic year of 2021-2022, to be eligible to participate in the Summit.

Submission Guidelines

Link for submissions- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScrxRRi2whpXcXWlMpe8epDikx23HEbEgE1K2Oay2u2phu4RQ/viewform

All papers must be submitted on or before 31st January 2022 (23:59 IST). Further, any clarifications should be sent to: trilegal.nliusummit@gmail.com. Each submission must contain the following documents, in addition to the manuscript and personal details and affiliation of the author(s), without which the submission will NOT be accepted:

An originality statement, signed by the author(s), declaring that the manuscript is the original work of the author(s).

A copyright statement, signed by the author(s), whereby the author(s) agrees that the copyright in the work shall vest with CBCL.

Contact Details

Mail to: cbcl@nliu.ac.in

Rachita Shah, Convenor, CBCL Mobile: +91 70303 65415

Aaditya Shankar Dixit, Co-Convenor, CBCL Mobile: +91 98100 30618

Disclaimer: All information posted by us on LexPeeps is true to our knowledge. But still it is suggested that you check and confirm things on your level.

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