Call for papers: International Seminar by NLUO and NCW

The Centre for Women and Law, NLUO is organizing an International Seminar on “Women Police Station/Mahila Thana (Working, Efficiency and Effectiveness)” sponsored by National Commission for Women.


Centre for Women and Law, National Law University, Odisha invites research papers based on original empirical research or review papers related to the theme of the seminar.

The Broad area of the seminar is “Role Women police station/ Mahila Thana (working, efficiency and effectiveness) in India- Empowering Women, Expanding Justice Access, and Preventing Gender Violence”.


National Law University, Odisha invites academicians, researchers, students, practitioners, and social and women activists to make a submission.


  • Law and Policy:
  • The need for Gender Targeted Policing Interventions
  • The effective implementation of Gender Targeted Policing Interventions
  • Implementation strategies for Gender Targeted Policing interventions: Working, Efficiency, and Effectiveness
  • Prevent, Detect, Mitigate, Monitoring, and Control Gender-Based Violence
  • Women Help Desks, Training of personnel, etc.
  • Social and Psychological interventions:
  • Socio-legal and Empirical studies on vulnerable groups and Crime incidence
  • Crime Mapping at these Gender sensitive enforcement services
  • Working of the Gender Targeted Policing interventions with the community, and organizations to prevent GBV
  • Limitations of Gender Targeted Policing interventions
  • Victim advocacy and social work
  • Therapy for victims
  • Gender Targeted Policing interventions and women empowerment
  • Women in political and legal leadership
  • Women’s position in the refugee crisis
  • Gender Targeted Policing interventions and employment opportunities
  • Women in education and employment
  • Policy interventions concerning Abortion rights and marital rape
  • Legal Interventions concerning the growing Patriarchy and the subsequent creation of women’s help desk.


  1. Submissions are to be made in Electronic (MS Word format) form only and are to be sent to
  2. The subject of the mail should be: CWL Seminar_ Author’s Name_Title of the Research Paper.
  3. Each paper must be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 250 words and the maximum length of the paper should not be more than 6000 words. (Table, illustrations, charts, figures, etc. should be placed within the text at appropriate places.)
  4. Citation/ referencing should be as per OSCOLA style.
  5. Submissions must contain a cover letter indicating the name of the author/s, name of the Institution, Designation, Email Id, and Contact Number.
  6. Text Specifications:
    1. Font: Times New Roman
    2. Size: 12
    3. Line spacing: 1.5
    4. Margin: 1 inch on each side
  7. Footnotes Specifications:
    1. Font: Times New Roman
    2. Size: 10
    3. Line Spacing: 1
  8. Plagiarism in any form is strictly forbidden.
  9. Format of the Research Paper:
    1. Cover Letter
    2. Title of the paper (Bold)
    3. Abstract (250 words)
    4. Keywords (A maximum of 5)
    5. Introduction

References Note- All the authors must send the declaration that the paper is original research work and has not been sent elsewhere for publication or presented in any conference/seminar.


  • For Research Scholars/ Students: INR 1000/- (One thousand only)
  • For Teachers/ Professionals/Activists: INR 1500/- (One thousand five hundred only)
  • Paper in absentia: INR 1500/- (One thousand five hundred only).
  • Participation (without paper presentation): INR 200/-
  • After the last date, the registration fee will be augmented by INR 500/-.
  • The registration fee includes a conference kit, lunch and tea.


+91 91131 47776

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