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Team LicitElite, focuses on providing assistance to Law students in self grooming while acquiring better knowledge, by generating an exclusive learning platform through activities like law classes, blog writing, competitions etc. It also aims to connect with legal experts to design better learning opportunities.

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Dr. Ashu Dhiman is a Professor at Centre for Legal studies, Gitarattan international business school, Delhi. She is also the Editor in chief, LicitElite. She has authored and published “Hindu Law on Divorce” having ISBN 9781638732167. She has Edited First Edition of published book on “Changing Dimensions of Criminal Law” having ISBN No. 9788195211609. She has Co-Edited MediateGuru’s published book on “A pathway to the future of ADR” having ISBN 9781639747894. She has edited many journals and annual magazines. Her areas of expertise are Family Law and Criminal Law.

Mr. Param Bhamra is Founding Partner at MediateGuru, which is an International Forum having its reach in over 120 countries and connecting Experienced personnel with young inspiring lawyers and practitioners. Mr. Bhamra has his expertise in International Mediation as well as Arbitration.  Mr. Bhamra has Co-Edited First Edition of Published book on “Changing Dimensions of Criminal Law” with ISBN no. 9788195211609, Patron of MediateGuru’s Book on “A Pathway to the Future of ADR” having ISBN 9781639747894. He also has a published book in Fiction Category titled “Gods Among us” which is available on Amazon worldwide having ISBN No. 9781639579013.

About the Book

Crime is an unlawful act committed by a person against another person or society. Crime is considered as an act against the state. In today’s ever changing world we are evolving out of our historic laws which no longer serves our purpose, for ex – striking down adultery laws and homosexual laws. Further we need efficient laws to deal with rising problems such as of Rape, murder etc, as current laws are not deterrent to the commission of such crimes as we can observe from ever increasing cases of crime. These problems and issues are there for a long time and require special attention to deal with.

With the start of the New Era, we announce our call for chapters for Second Edition in order to create new opportunities for the authors in Criminal law to showcase their caliber in Legal research.


Changing Dimensions of Criminal Law

Guidelines of Submission

1. The authors should use the ILI (Indian Law Institute) format of Footnoting and Times New Roman Font 12 with bold headings and space lining 1.5.

2. Co-Authorship is allowed. However, there can be maximum two co-author in one research paper.

3. The work submitted shall be ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED


·      Each Author with selected paper will be provided with an E-certificate and soft copy of the book.

·      Availability of Book to be purchased over Amazon, Kindle (worldwide) & Flipkart.

·      Acknowledgement and appreciation of Author in the Description of Book.

The body of the paper shall be:

Font: Times New Roman Font Size: 12 Line Spacing: 1.5

Citations Shall be: Font: Times New Roman Font Size: 10 Line Spacing: 1

Word Limit:

The word limit for research paper (inclusive of abstract) is between 3000 words (minimum) to 6000 words (maximum) This word limit is inclusive of footnotes.


♣ All the manuscripts being contributed for the Edited book are to be sent at: licitelite@gmail.com

♣ The manuscript must be accompanied with an abstract of paper in not more than 300 words.

♣ The entries should reach the given email ID by 1st November 2021.

♣ Entry should be in either ‘.doc’ or ‘.docx’ format.

♣ The subject of the mail should be: “Submission for an Edited Book by LicitElite”.

Publication Fees

There are no publication fees, whatsoever for the selected articles. However, if the author(s) wish to have a hard copy, they can acquire the same from the store.


The selected best quality papers will be sent for publication in ISBN numbered book.

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