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About LAS

Legal Aid Society of Law Centre-II, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi is one of the prominent societies with Illustrious Conveners and Assiduous Members. With its plethora of reach among the society, it functions to meet the ends of justice, by curbing the legal atrocities and ambiguities. The Society outreaches to the necessitous people and the community, to aid & spread legal awareness and legal education by acting as a harbinger of justice. The Blog – “Voices of Law” is one such platform edging legal education through its legal contours, thereby enlightening the lantern of knowledge.

Submission Guidelines

The submissions should be on the Topics specified below. The Authors interested should email their Submissions on the following specified topics:

  • Efficacy of AFSPA and its impact
  • Constitutionality of AFSPA
  • Human Rights under the regime of AFSPA
  • Ramifications of AFSPA for the cross border states
  • Issue of National Security and AFSPA
  • Impact of AFSPA on the lives of women and transgender persons
  • Word limit: 800-2500 words
  • The work should not be plagiarized

Formatting Guidelines

Authors wishing to contribute their work to LAS should ensure that their submission  conforms & confines to the following guidelines:

  • Document type: doc, docx
  • Language: English(Global)
  • Heading size: 14
  • Body font: Times New Roman
  • Body size: 12
  • Footnote size: 10
  • Citation Style: ILI citations and Footnotes
  • The link to all the sources and documents cited should be included in the footnotes

NOTE: Kindly adhere to the aforementioned guidelines. If the submissions do not follow the format, they shall be rejected.

Review Policy

Legal Aid Society, LC-II adopts a hybrid approach to the skimming review process. Our prominent editors purport maximum discretion to the rejection or acceptance of any submission.

The author(s) should be called upon to undergo or alter the semantics, or any recollection to be made, if any, for successful publication.

Submission Platform

The inquisitive authors should embrace their submissions on  


The Interested Authors are requested to submit latest by January 31, 2022. The submissions mailed after 11:59 PM on January 31, 2022 will be disqualified and shall not be entertained.

Contact Details

Mail to:

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