The Final Stand (TFS) and Team ThinkOcean at O.P. Jindal Global University

The Final Stand is a student-run climate change advocacy, law, and policy initiative at the University under the mentorship of Justice Michael D. Wilson of the Hawaii Supreme Court. They are primarily focused on increasing climate change literacy and drafting policy and legislation to aid our fight against the biggest threat to our collective existence.

Under the Final Stand, the ThinkOcean team is an autonomous project-based vertical, which is affiliated with the global organization ‘ThinkOcean’ consisting of networks across the world. ThinkOcean aims to address oceanic and land-based environmental issues through increasing student awareness and participation in environment-related projects. It is a network of chapters across educational institutions and region-based councils and facilitates the decentralization required to effectively address such concerns.

About the Project

The Clear Water Crusade – purifying water, 5 millimeters at a time.

The project will look at the micro-plastics content in the oceanic and freshwater bodies in India. There is a two-fold vision for The Clear Water Crusade.

Firstly, the project would aim to raise awareness about the effects of micro-plastics on the different stakeholders that are affected by the change in the composition of water bodies in India. The project would focus on envisioning a future where more of the population in India know of the existence of micro-plastics and where steps will be taken, albeit small, towards mitigating the risk micro-plastics pose towards the environment and all its proponents.

Secondly, the campaign will focus on trying to find solutions to reduce the number of microplastics in the ocean by adopting mechanisms to clean freshwater bodies in isolated areas first and then move towards cleaning the beaches and the oceans of India.

Social Media Content Creation Team

Position and Responsibilities

The position will involve curation and designing of the posts that are to be put up on behalf of the project. This would mean the content writing and complete designing of the posts.

Additionally, the logo of the project is a work in progress and the team would love to hear insights and receive designs for the logo itself.

Number of Positions

3 (Three)

Terms of the Position

  • The application form for the positions require certain details, where due consideration shall be given to the candidature of the student in the selection process.
  • The selected applicants shall be involved in the project as per the designated role as volunteers, for the required term. They will thus be a vital part of the ThinkOcean at O.P. Jindal Global University. However, such does not imply or guarantee any membership with the Final Stand, which is only open to students from the university.
  • Unless explicitly mentioned, there is no remuneration provided.
  • Upon the completion of the term and to the satisfaction of the leadership, a letter of acknowledgement shall be provided. 
  • Most importantly, the selected candidates are expected to proactive and consistent.
  • Expressing creativity and taking initiative are highly valued and encouraged.

Last Date to apply

Kindly apply by February 21, 2022 (11:59 PM). Selected applicants shall be contacted.

Link to apply

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