Vanshika Arora, is a first-year B.A. LL.B student at Army Institute of Law, Mohali. This article is an introductory guide to jurisprudence.  INTRODUCTION Jurisprudence has been defined and studied by various thinkers and jurists over a long period of time. Hence, it is not possible to single out a common,Continue Reading

This article is written by K.Lasya Charitha pursuing BALLB in Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam. In this article, the researcher discusses Insurance frauds in India and the dire need for stricter laws to mitigate Insurance frauds. India is one of the largest insurance company markets in the world. However,Continue Reading

This article is written by APURVA, a student of Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology, GGSIPU. This article gives an overview of “The Fugitive Economic Offenders’ Act, 2018”. ABSTRACT Development of any Country basically depends on the growth of the industries which involves huge investments from financial sectors and banks.Continue Reading

This article is written by Vishrut Gupta, a student of Lloyd Law College. This article aims to explain to the readers about the connection between the Covid 19 on-going crisis and the rising scope application of Torts Law in today’s time. INTRODUCTION In today’s time, if anything left to beContinue Reading

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Arms Act

This article is authored by Sanskriti Goel , a 1st year law student from Chanderprabhu Jain College of Higher Studies and School of law, GGSIPU. This article discusses the laws regarding the possession of arms and ammunition by individuals in India along with special emphasis on key provisions of theContinue Reading

This article is written by Kalyani Gupta, a Master’s in Law student from Amity University, Noida. This article discusses the overtime work policies and laws in accordance with the Labour Law. INTRODUCTION Overtime implies as the time spent working more than the normal or regular working hours which, in India,Continue Reading


This article is written by APURVA, a student of the Fairfield Institute of Management and Technology, GGSIPU. This article deals with the topic of Mediation, a mechanism of ADR. ABSTRACT In India, ADR- Alternative Dispute Resolution encompasses various methods of settling disputes outside the traditional judicial system. It mentions variousContinue Reading