1st National MS Rathi Memorial Moot Court Competition, 2021

The Moot Court Competition – Our Inspiration

Mr. Mehar S. Rathi, was one of the most revered names in the Legal Education arena and Prosecution. Mr. M.S. Rathi started his journey in the legal field as an exuberant young Lawyer in the Supreme Court of India in 1965. Later, in his service tenure he conducted Prosecution of Cases for the Government of Haryana for five years and thereafter for the Government of Delhi for a couple of decades. He had also Trained Ms. Kiran Bedi, First Lady IPS Officer in India in 1972, who used to fondly address Mr. Rathi as Guru Ji. He also served as Head of Law Faculty, Delhi Police Training College for 15 years. He imparted Legal Training to Police Officers from South Asian Countries like Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal & more. He was a regular Guest Faculty with the National Police Academy, Hyderabad as also with several leading Law Schools and Universities. Mr. Rathi also served as Chairman of a Committee constituted by the Supreme Court of India for screening of Family Court matters in Delhi. Mr. Rathi dedicated his life to providing free Legal Aid and Guidance to villagers in NCR and beyond. He was an epitome of selfless service to the society and will always be remembered for his impeccable integrity, knowledge and sauve mannerism. Inspired by his success in the Legal field his Three Sons joined the Legal Profession. Eldest being a Senior Judicial Officer and younger is Member of Bar Council. Even the Third Generation is toeing his path and ideals of serving Humanity through Legal Education and Empowerment.

About the Organizers:

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About the Competition:

Team LatestLaws.com and Indian Dispute Resolution Centre is proud to present the 1st National MS Rathi Memorial Moot Court Competition, 2021.

The moot problem is about contemporary legal issues. Eminent Judges, Lawyers & Academicians of the highest standing in India, converge to adjudicate the various rounds of the competition. The said event shall be conducted virtually.

Sponsored By: Vidhisastras

Supported By: Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS)

Law School Partner: Northcap University, Sushant University

Law Firm Partner: Lexidem & Rathi


The dates of the said competition shall be November 20th & 21st, 2021 (Saturday & Sunday).


The event shall be conducted on a Virtual Platform, the details of which shall be conveyed along with the final invite.


This competition is open for all bonafide students pursuing the LL.B three years or five years course or LLM during the current academic year from any recognized law college.

Registration link: https://forms.gle/4U3w4vV7FZgs5Jsh6

List of Important Dates:

Registration opens: 25th September 2021
Registration closes: 25th October 2021
Last date of memorial submission: 10th November 2021
Clarifications last date: 10th November 2021
Contact Information:

In case of queries, visit the website or feel free to write to mootcourt@latestlaws.com

For any registration related queries:

For Registration: +91- 89203-83947

For Moot problem: +91-95631-41414

Technical Support: +91-9650075373

Moot Proposition, Rule Book, Registration Form, Registration Fee, etc. can be found in the Brochure attached below.


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